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ABACUS Patentanwälte

is a supra-national association with offices in Germany and Switzerland. In Germany the main office is in Nagold with branch offices in Rottenburg and Tübingen. In Switzerland the office is in Adliswil/Zürich. We represent domestic and foreign clients before national authorities in Germany and Switzerland, and before supra-national European authorities directly, i.e. without the intervention of third parties or co-attorneys. And we act in all technical fields with the exception of genetic engineering, biology and chemistry.

Our firm in Horb was founded by Elmar Ott in 1981. Since then, it serves national and international clients. In 1993, Peter Klocke joined, and in 1995 Dieter Späth. After the departure of Mr. Ott in 1996, the firm of Klocke and Späth continued. In 2002, we associated with Carl Otto Barth of Barth & Partner in Adliswil/Zürich, Switzerland, and now provide, as ABACUS Patentanwälte in Nagold and Zurich, a comprehensive range of services for our clients in Germany, Switzerland and elsewhere. In 2013 we merged with Ott & Sebastian, having offices in Rottenburg and Heiligenhaus. With the  joining of Patent Attorney Jens Sebastian we moved with the office from Horb to Nagold. Since Oktober 2018 Patent Attorney Jens Sebastian manages his office in Heiligenhaus in own reponsibility with a cooperation betwenn the two offices.

We are members in the leading professional associations: the German Patentanwaltskammer (Patent Lawyers Association) and the European Patent Institute (epi). Our work is regulated by professional codes as specified in the German Patentanwaltsordnung (Patent Lawyers Code), the Berufsordnung für Patentanwälte (Professional Code of  Patent Attorneys), the respective Provisions of the Administrative Council of the European Patent Office (concerning disciplinary matters), the Guidelines of the Institute of the European Patent Office epi, and the FICPI Code of Conduct.

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